Brand And Corporate Identity

At WoodFlake, we communicate design! Designalone cannot create a brand image; it is overall consumer response to various factors devised under the larger umbrella of Brand Identity. Collected principles and visual elements make up your company’s public face. It is to ensure your identity and ethos meshes perfectly with the image you wish to project. Brands are beyond logos. It is a unique combination of a logo, lines, typefaces, colors, statements, price, aesthetics, customer service, attitude, voice, and more. Although brand image can’t be designed, Brand identity most certainly can.

+ Rebranding Services

- To Make You Stand Out
- Unify goals when perspective changes to obtain a common objective or promise to customers
- Rise above negatives
- Build loyalty base
- Refresh, revive and don’t date back

+ Brand Consultation

- Bring your brand to life, have structured growth and action plan
- Brand & identity planning
- Communications planning
- Brand evaluation &positioning
- Brand architecture & interaction
- Identity design creation

+ Graphical Representations. FOR WHAT?

- Consistency
- Instant recognition
- Desirability
- Repetition